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An essay by curator Andrew Lamprecht, about the work of South African artist, Neill Wright.

The Familiar Vertigo of Slimen El Kamel

This essay by renowned critic and art historian, Gerard Xuriguera, discusses the artistic practice and meaning in the work of Tunisian artist, Slimen El Kamel.

Dossier Documenta 14 Pélagie Gbaguidi

The Missing Link

TO BE KING installation in Venice

Room 16, 2nd Floor, Palazzo Bembo
13 May - 26 November 2017


A two man exhibition by Slimen El Kamel and Neill Wright

The Making of Ralph Ziman's Casspir

Watch this short video for some insight into the making of Ralph Ziman's Casspir. 60 million hand threaded beads, one Casspir military vehicle transformed into this extra-ordinary drivable sculpture, and the beginning of The Casspir Project, which aims to reclaim this Apartheid vehicle's legacy of terror and send it on a new mission. More to come...

Christine Dixie talks about 'TO BE KING'

In this video, Christine Dixie talks about her work 'To Be King', while tantalising snippets of the film can be seen on the screen. It gives us a glimpse into this complex and powerful film and sculptural installation, which can be experienced this year in Venice in Room 16, 2nd Floor, Palazzo Bembo, as part of the exhibition 'Personal Structures' hosted by the European Cultural Foundation and the GAA Foundation.

S25º58’47.2548” E27º46’32.1672”

Jenna Burchell Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind)

S25°58'44.6664" E27°46-17.1804"

Jenna Burchell Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind)

S25º58’39.3852” E27º46’36.1704"

Jenna Burchell Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind)

S25°58'49.749" E27°46'24.744"

Jenna Burchell Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind)

S25º58’50.9448” E27º46’29.1936"

Jenna Burchell Songsmith (Cradle of Humankind)

The Casspir Project

An unprecedented undertaking by Ralph Ziman

Documentary video about Soly Cissé

Soly Cissé

Produced by: - Rosalie van Deursen & Aldine Reinink

Cape Town Art Fair 2017

Cape Town Art Fair showcases a diversity of work that represents the forefront of contemporary art from Africa to the world.

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A Solo exhibition by Soly Cissé

Jenna Burchell: Switching a Brush for a Motherboard

Insight into the fascinating process of South African sound artist Jenna Burchell, and how she makes ancient rocks sing in her Songsmith Project.

PIASA Auction Catalogue Featuring works by Neill Wright, Isabelle Grobler, Nú Barreto

2nd Specialist sale of Contemporary African art at the PIASA Auction House in Paris
17 November 2016

The Binding Book

This limited-edition artist’s book is visually and conceptually linked to Christine Dixie’s installation, The Binding, which is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington, D.C.

Published by Fourthwall Books in Johannesburg.

Pélagie Gbaguidi video

A fascinating behind the scenes look into the studio of Pélagie Gbaguidi

Soly Cissé video

Soly Cisse discusses his process inspirations, and his Black Book project.

El Mundo Sans le Corps - Pelagie Gbaguidi

Solo exhibition by Pelagie Gbaguidi
Catalogue nr. 14

Turbine Artfair 2016

Catalogue nr. 12

At the Heart of Me by Paul Sika

Amazon Best Seller book of images and anecdotes by Cote d'Ivoire artist, Paul Sika

Le Trait - Soly Cissé

Le Trait; Soly Cisse’s first solo exhibition in London of his collage paintings.

Catalogue nr.9

Victor Ekpuk's Ephemeral Drawing

A video that captures Ekpuk's live drawing performance in his solo exhibition Portraits at Sulger-Buel Lovell, London, and the erasure of the ephemeral work at the end of the exhibition.

Portraits by Victor Ekpuk

Exhibiting in London, Victor Ekpuk, presents a new series of portraits inspired by earlier works, as well as a large scale ephemeral performance drawing akin to his Havanna Biennale work.

Catalogue nr. 8

Resistance Project- Ralph Ziman

Resistance public art installation

53 Echoes of Zaire: Popular Painting from Lubumbashi, DRC

Works from the 1970's by DRC artist Tshibumba Kanda Matulu, as well as T. Kalema, C. Mutombo, B. Ilunga and Ndaie.

Catalogue nr. 7

Morning After Dark - David Lurie

Traveling Museum exhibition, Morning After Dark interrogates the city (Cape Town)

Catalogue nr. 5

This Remembering Land - Carolyn Parton

Solo exhibition at Cape Town Artfair 2015, and in London.

Catalogue nr. 3

Vivien Kohler 'De(Re)tritus' video

Solo exhibition in Cape Town by award winner Vivien Kohler

Homing video - Jenna Burchell

An interactive sound installation by Jenna Burchell - touch memories

Liberation (Un)Masked

Catalogue nr. 2

Of(f) Africa

Catalogue nr. 1